August, 2014

Meet The Cast of Penumbra (interviews)


In the following interviews, the cast of Penumbra talks about the film and upcoming projects, and has a little message for you!



August, 2014

Partnership : Affinis Apparel


A mutual friend (thanks Annie Luck!) introduced Beleeve to Robert Peoples, whose company, Affinis Apparel, has created a clothing line and Human Rights Projectthat really resonated with us. 

About his clothing, R...

Friday, August 8th

2 Weeks of Crazy


It’s been a while since our last production blog update, so we wanted to fill you in on what’s been happening since February.


The 75 pages of Penumbra that were shot last year are currently in post-production. A select few have viewed...

August, 2014



After a very long, and absolutely incredible day, Chelese messages Shannan, 'Hey, how bout Penumbra Film bloopers as a celebratory thank you, when we hit $5k?'


Me, "Totally!! Yes!! Let's announce it first th...

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