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Spotlight on Kerry Krenzin

Friday, July 12, 2013

Spotlight on Kerry Krenzin, one of Penumbra’s incredible artists

Kerry Krenzin has been extremely generous in letting us use her artwork in the film. As we were perusing her pieces, choosing which ones would decorate Elizabeth’s home, the question arose as to how she developed her specific style. The story is beautiful and I wanted to let Kerry tell it in her own words:

I had always done all sorts of drawing and painting, but nothing ever really.....clicked.

In the summer of 2001, my beloved Gramma Lee (she hated being called Leona) died and my brother and I went up to her 20 acres in Oregon to clean up the property. While there, we found all kinds of things that she had kept, found, and collected over the years. One was a manila envelope stuffed full of all different kinds of feathers. I brought it back with me when we returned to Orange County and put a handful of the feathers in a vase on my desk in my little art studio.

A few months later, I was working on a painting at my desk and sat staring at the wet paint with the usual unsatisfied feeling that I got while working. I looked up at the vase of feathers, grabbed a few and threw them on the wet paint. I got up and left, not returning ‘til the next day after the paint had dried. I peeled the feathers off and will never forget the feeling... CLICK.

And so Kerry’s unique style was born. Below are some of her pieces, including a couple that we used in Penumbra.


(Kerry’s Gramma Lee)

Professional Website:

Instagram: @kerrykrenzin

Twitter: @kerrykrenzin

INK361: @kerrykrenzin

Kerry's photography has been featured on the cover of DIVA (Jan 2014), Curve (Jan 2010), and LUX (Nov 2009). She has uncanny ability to capture the radiant essence her subjects, like Marnie Alton, Cathy DeBuono, and Annabeth Gish. She has also been the primary photographer for Lucky Dog Leather for years, including having shot Shannan back in 2009!!

Kerry was also commissioned to work with the kids at YOLA to present the LA Phil'sGustavo Dudamel and LA Supervisor Gloria Molina with their original Kerry Krenzin paintings.

Kerry Krenzin.jpg

Some of Kerry's Work:


Award-Winning "I Have Nothing To Say"


"The Sharpest Knife," which is seen in Penumbra


Kerry in front of "Cosmus," which is seen in Penumbra

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