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Chelese Belmont and Shannan Reeve started Beleeve Entertainment in 2012 after they decided to combine their collective skill sets, equipment, and passion to pursue their filmmaking goals. Beleeve Entertainment was created with the goal of telling the stories that they believe in, whether that means by tackling subject matter like mental illness, environmental issues, addiction, or any other story that needs to be told, or in order to give life to characters whose voices need to be heard. They have spent the past eight years shooting short and feature films, promotional materials, live theater events, music videos, interviews/corporate videos, and advertisements. 


Beleeve is currently in development on a number of feature films, shorts, and a digital series.

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Narrative Projects
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Corporate / Interviews / Reality

Learn more about the co-owners' backgrounds and visions.

Loglines, hooks, and poster art for our narrative feature and short films.

Client List and Work Samples for our promotional and commercial work.

Client List and Work Samples for our corporate and archival work.

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