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The Obituarist (Released)
Comedy Short 
Directed by Shannan Leigh Reeve, Written by Chelese Belmont
Film poster for the obituarist with a girl sitting at a desk surrounded by newspaper clippings

* Poppy Jasper Film Festival - Official Selection


* Orlando Film Festival - Official Selection - 2019

* Womens Comedy Film Festival of Atlanta-

Official Selection, 2019 - WINNER: Best Comedy 

* Portland Comedy Film Festival - Official Selection, Spring 2019 - Nominated: Best Comedy Film, Best Director

* Southern Shorts Awards - Award of Merit: Film, Acting, Editing, Sound Mix, Music, Producing, Production Design

* Independent Short Awards - Silver Award (Best Comedy); Bronze Award (Female Director), 2018

* Olympus Film Festival - Official Selection; Finalist - 2019

* Los Angeles Independent Film Festival - Semi-Finalist

* Screencraft Spring 2017 Short Film Fund SemiFinalist

Logline: Sarah Fitzsimmons still lives at home while working as an obituary writer-- a job that she loves... until she makes a massive error. Now she must deal with the repercussions while also facing the fact that she's working in a dying artform.


Chromo46 (Released) 
SciFi Thriller Short
Directed by Shannan Leigh Reeve; Written by Chelese Belmont

Logline: In the age of information, Tessa Davidson is concerned about what a major corporation is doing with our data, despite their assurances that it's all completely benign.


* Chelsea Film Festival - Official Selection, 2019

* KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival -

Official Selection, 2019; Nominated: Best

Ensemble - Sci-Fi/Fantasy

* Southern Shorts Awards - Official Selection; Award of Merit for: Film, Directing, Editing, Lead Actresses, VFX, Sound Design, Production Design, & Music, 2019

* Houston WorldFest - Silver Remi Winner for Film & Editing, 2019

* Los Angeles Movie Awards - Honorable Mention, 2019

*Olympus Film Festival - Official Selection; Semi-Finalist - 2019

Chromo 46 poster with a DNA strand with cast photos and images of test tubes
Holiday Help Desk  (Released) 
LGBTQ Romantic Holiday Short
Directed by Chelese Belmont; Written by Hillary Esquina

Logline: When Lauren gets stuck working her IT job on Christmas Eve, a simple call for technical help turns into holiday magic.


Hook: This holiday season, love just might be a phone call away. 

* Curve Magazine / LesFlicks Global  Virtual Film Festival - Watch Party, 2020


* Olympus Film Festival - Official Selection


* Olympus Film Festival - Semi-Finalist - Cinematography - 2019





Holiday Help Desk poster with two images vertically placed with two women smiling
The Invisible Border (Released)
SciFi Short
Directed by Shannan Leigh Reeve; Written by William Jeffery
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Logline:  In the not so distant future, renown scientist and inexperienced astronaut Dr. Annie Tennant has beaten the odds and successfully returned home from an unprecedented solo space mission. During her first exclusive interview, the crucial importance of her journey and its emotional impact on her views of humanity are revealed.

* Official Selection -- Comic Con Independent

Film Festival - 2018

* Cineteca Nacional Mexico screening, Mexico City - 2018

* 3rd Place - NASA/ Houston Cinema Arts Festival CineSpace Competition (only American/ Female team to place)  - 2017

*  NASA/Houston Cinema Arts Fest Cinespace Competition - Finalist, 2017

Invisible Border poster with the earth from space and photos from the film
The Visit (Released) 
LGBTQ Dramatic Short
Directed & Written by Shannan Leigh Reeve
The visit poster with images of women in the film and women kissing around the title
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Logline:  A simple gesture and a first class ticket bring Andi and Emily face-to-face with a question that neither thought she was ready to confront. 


Hook: Love cuts deep. Can it heal?

* Curve Magazine / LesFlicks Global  Virtual Film Festival - Watch Party, 2020


* Official Selection - Chelsea Film Festival, 2017

* Official Selection - Reel Affirmations Film Festival (DC), 2017

* Official Selection - Filmchella Film Festival, 2017



The Speed Date Poster with a man and woman and four empty hearts, and one half full
Speed Date (Released)
Romantic Comedy Short
Directed by Shannan Leigh Reeve; Written by Chelese Belmont

Logline: Josh is lingering in the land of singledom, so his friends get a bright idea to send him on a quest for a girlfriend... in a totally millennial way.



Hook: He's Looking for Love in All the Wrong Rideshares 



* Official Selection - Newport Beach Film Festival, 2017 (World Premiere)

* Remi Award Winner- Gold - Houston Worldfest 2017

* Official Selection - Comic-con Independent Film Festival,  2017



Penumbra (Released)
Dramatic Narrative Feature
Directed by Shannan Leigh Reeve; Written by Gino Costabile & Shannan Leigh Reeve
The Penumbra film poster with the lead cast above the title and a photo of a cop and addict below

Logline: The story of two addicts: a sober cop and a cocaine-loving artist, whose past history and addictions cause their lives to intersect. A tragic event will set both of them on a path that will challenge everything that they know and love.


Hook: An Addict Must Survive Addiction, Everyone Else Must Survive The Addict.

* Winner - Best Screenplay - Chelsea Film

Festival, 2016

* Official Selection- Chelsea Film Festival in NYC (World Premiere)

* Official Selection - Blow-up Chicago Arthouse Film Festival

* Oregon Film Awards -- Silver Award 2016

* Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards - Bronze Award

* Indiewire Project of the Day & Project of the Week, Feb, 2015.

The Red Haired Lady (Completed)
Dramatic Short
Directed & Written by Chelese Belmont
The Red Haired lady poster in all red with a woman's eye above the title

Logline: A recovering schizophrenic has an unusual encounter in church, and is forced to discern whether this particular instance is another schizophrenic episode or something else... 


* Official Selection - 2014 Chelsea Film Festival, NYC

* Official Selection - 2015 Poppy Jasper Film Festival, Morgan Hill, CA

* Special Mention - 2015 I Filmmaker International Film Festival, Spain

Projects in Development

Somewhere, Sometime (In Active Development)
LGBT+ Dramatic Digital Series
Directed by Shannan Leigh Reeve, Written by Chelese Belmont
A pencil with a heart at the end crossing a fork with a heart in its design on a pink background

Logline: The Bottomless Well is a bar and stage where the entertainment is rowdy, the booze are cheap, and everybody belongs—no matter what their baggage. Here, a diverse group of thirty-something friends meet to support each other as they navigate romance, trauma, sexuality, dissatisfaction, and professional aspirations.

It's "Cheers meets the L Word"

Aries (In Development)
Action Thriller
Written by William Jeffery
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The Aries poster with two full face masks below the title.

Logline: Aries, a haunted freelance detective who only accepts cases involving children, breaks tradition to find a millionaire’s missing girlfriend, only to be led  into a nightmarish underworld from her own mysterious past.


Hook: Seeking the Truth, One House Call at a Time


* Writer William Jeffery - Finalist in the Bluecat Screenplay Competition for Aries

All the Little Pieces (In Development)
Dramatic Feature
Directed By Shannan Leigh Reeve, Written by Chelese Belmont
All the Little PIeces poster with a woman on a man's back in front of a sunset. Flowers behind title

Logline: An interracial married couple struggles with the highs and lows of the wife’s Bipolar Disorder when she stops taking her medication because it’s is hurting her writing career.


Hook: A Bipolar Love Story in Three Acts.​


* Creative World Awards - Semi-Finalist - 2018

* San Francisco IndieFest Screenplay Competition - Semi-Finalist- 2018

* Final Draft Big Break Competition - Quarter Finalist - 2018

* Capital Fund Hot 100 List - 2018

* Beverly  Hills Screenplay Competition - Finalist - 2017

* ScreenCraft Fall 2017 Film Fund Competition - Semi-Finalist


The Sun Rises On Another Day (In Development)  
Y/A Dramatic Feature
Written by Chelese Belmont
A hand pulling down blinds to reveal a shining sun

Logline: A directionless 19-year-old crippled by boredom with everything in her life is called upon to make an immense sacrifice for another person and in the process learns a truth about herself that alters her entire world.

* Official Selection - 2020 Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition

* Quarter-Finalist - 2020 Creative World Awards Drama/Family Screenplay Competition

* Semi-Finalist (Top 25- Young Adult Genre) - 2019 Creative Screenwriting Competition

* Semi-Finalist - 2020 Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards Season 5

False Targets (In Development)
Dramatic Feature
Written by Chelese Belmont
A target with black, blue, red, and yellow circles. Four arrows stick out of the middle.

Logline: Four teens and their teacher deal with societal, school and home pressures to be perfect in order to get into the perfect college. 

*A RAZOR'S EDGE (short film based on False Targets) - Official Selection of the HollyShorts Screenplay Competition, 2018 - Quarter Finalist

* Filmmatic Screenplay Competition - Finalist, 2017

*  ScreenCraft Drama Competition - Quarter Finalist, 2017

* Bluecat Screenplay Competition - Quarter Finalist, 2017

* Capital Fund Screenplay Competition - Hot 100 List, 2017​

* Orlando Film Festival Screenwriting Competition - Finalist, 2016

* Emerging Screenwriters Competition - Top 100, 2016. 

* Screencraft Screenwriters Retreat - Nicaragua - Semi-Finalist, 2017

Ad Astra (Treatment)
SciFi Dramatic Feature
Written by Shannan Leigh Reeve
Ad Astra image with the milky way in the background, and a joshua tree and a spaceship in foreground

Logline: The scientific community is engaged in a heated debate about whether Earth is dying or can be saved, but one scientist is willing to do whatever it takes to preserve the human race, even if it means letting go of everything she knows and loves.


Hook: Even when survival is the only priority, you still have to find time to live. 

A green grass background with a teapot, cream, and sugar containers. A golf tee separates the title
Tee Time (In Development)
Family Short
Written by Chelese Belmont

Logline: Sophie is an imaginative little girl who sees endless possibilities in her surroundings until her adventures get her in trouble and she has to learn an important lesson. 


Hook: Her Tea Party Was Missing One Final Ingredient...


* HollyShorts Screenplay Competition Official Selection, 2017

Worst-case Scenario (In Development)
Romantic Comedy Feature
Written by Chelese Belmont
Pills arranged in the shape of the eiffel tower on a red background with title Worst Case Scenario

Logline: Claire, a graduate student hiding her crippling generalized anxiety disorder behind intelligence and structure,  accepts a TA position at Kings College in England for the summer, where she must learn to live, love, and even survive some of her worst-case scenarios. 


Hook: A coming of age story 10 years late.


*Quarter Finalist - Cinestory Screenplay Competition, 2014

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