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A woman on a white wall with lights all around her. She poses with one hand and arm in the air.

Production Services


In the past eight years, Beleeve has forged relationships with creatives and technicians in every part of the entertainment industry. We bring our rolodex of excellent crew members to each project we are hired to produce. 

We can: secure locations, hire department heads/crew, provide production insurance, handle all SAG contracts, manage NDAs and Deal Memos, and take care of all aspects of production from development through post-production. 

Rates depend on the length, scope, and nature of the project. Contact us for an exact quote! We work with various budget levels.

Video Control Board


If you need your footage cut together, Beleeve is here to help. In order to edit reel footage, we require that you select the clips and give us time markers to help us know what you want included. We are happy to meet and consult with you on it before editing.


We also edit short and feature-length films.


Contact us for an exact quote.




Two canon cameras with cinematic lenses on them at a camera store.
  • Canon C500 mkii

  • 1.5 Ton Lighting Package

Full equipment list available upon request

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