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Spotlight on Michelle Rose

Friday, July 26, 2013

Spotlight on Michelle Rose, an Artist & Actress in Penumbra

If you have read the cast descriptions, you know that Erin is an artist. Though Chelese considers herself an artist in the acting sense, she is the first to admit that she posses not an ounce of talent in more tangible mediums like paint and drawing. As a result, one of the things that we had to think about while planning for Penumbra was whose art would serve as Erin’s work. This is where Michelle comes in.

Michelle Rose graciously offered us her work to feature in Penumbra, as well as creating a specific painting just for the film. She is also acting in Penumbra as someone who aids Erin in her own ‘helpful’ way (but we can’t say more than that for fear of spoilers). Because both Michelle and her artwork will be appearing in our film, we wanted to profile her so that you could get to know the talented artist behind “Erin’s Art.”

As we mentioned, Michelle is an actress, filmmaker, and artist currently residing in Los Angeles. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and Spanish at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During those years, Michelle took the opportunity to study abroad, living in Barcelona, Spain for one year and traveling across Europe, during which time she visited over eight different countries. It was that exposure to the arts from all over Western Europe, along with classes such as Italian and French cinema that had a profound influence, and further solidified her desire to pursue a career in the film industry. It's no wonder that her love of all things film would translate well into the visual arts.

Michelle is a self taught artist, and her medium of choice is acrylic on canvas. Her modern contemporary abstracts are characterized by their vivid colors, rich layers, and high energy. Her work has been seen in the television pilot Matters of Family, and she has shown at the Los Angeles Artwalk, Collaborative Arts LA, and most recently M. Bird Studio. Michelle has expressed that she is thrilled to have her work displayed once again in Beleeve Entertainment's production of Penumbra, and if you like what you see below, more of Michelle's artwork may be viewed at


Some of Michelle's Work:

Michelle painting 1.png
Highway to Heaven.jpg
Cry Me A Friggin River.jpg
Calm After the Storm.jpg

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