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End of Ever Rounds Out Penumbra's Soundtrack!

We've been excited to announce this for a while now, and we just got the contract back that allows us to use the band End of Ever's song, "Not Another Night" in Penumbra!

A mutual contact introduced singer Dahni Piro to director Shannan Leigh Reeve, and immediately upon hearing her band's stuff, we knew that we had to try to get their music in the film.

This LA-based band has lots of cool things brewing, including a music video for "Not Another Night." And this ain't just any music video-- it's viewable from 360 degrees! Check out the trailer for that video here:

If you like their sound as much as we do, check out End of Ever's album, "The Inside Out" HERE or buy it on iTunes! Also, they have sweet Merch available HERE!

Dahni Piro - Vocal, Richard Parizer -Keys, Connor Sullivan - Guitar / Vocal, Michael "Mikey" Sklena - Bass, Jesse Shadis - Drums

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