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Partnership : Affinis Apparel

August, 2014

Partnership : Affinis Apparel

A mutual friend (thanks Annie Luck!) introduced Beleeve to Robert Peoples, whose company, Affinis Apparel, has created a clothing line and Human Rights Projectthat really resonated with us.

About his clothing, Robert said, “I wanted to make fashion mean something; yet, display an urban sense of beauty as well. What we wear is a reflection of our inner thoughts about ourselves and the world around us.”

About the Human Rights Project, he has stated that the goal is, "To advocate human rights, diversity, and equality through individual photography. Advocacy is visibility."

The character, Huck, will be wearing one of Affinis's designs in Penumbra, and the company has become a sponsor of the film and campaign, and has supported us on social media and their website.

Here are our Human Rights Project photos! check out for more on Robert and the company!


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