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August, 2014


After a very long, and absolutely incredible day, Chelese messages Shannan, 'Hey, how bout Penumbra Film bloopers as a celebratory thank you, when we hit $5k?'

Me, "Totally!! Yes!! Let's announce it first thing tomorrow."

Chelese, "Good! You going to actually edit those bloopers?!"

C'est La Vie -- nothing like a workhorse of a production partner, right? But you better beleeve Shannan was down with a little sneak peak of the feature's bloopers (we have to keep some stuff for the DVD -- and trust us, Marnie Alton might take the cake for the BEST BLOOPER EVER, but that one is for dvd only.)

More to come after the second round of filming finishes and editing begins, but like that Alton blooper, if you want to see those, you'll have to wait for the special features on the DVD! :) #Tease #Sorry

Oh, and we threw in the bloopers from our IndieGogo pitch shoot for good measure. :)

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