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2 Weeks of Crazy

Friday, August 8th

2 Weeks of Crazy

It’s been a while since our last production blog update, so we wanted to fill you in on what’s been happening since February.

The 75 pages of Penumbra that were shot last year are currently in post-production. A select few have viewed the first 30 minutes of the film and given us incredible feedback. In addition to that, Beleeve Entertainment has been busy applying for film grants for our next projects, and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve moved on in the application process, with the next announcement of applicants advancing being announced in September. We’ve also been busy holding auditions and callbacks, and discussing offers with agents and managers for the final three pivotal roles in Penumbra. We’re over the moon with the amount of talent that showed up at the auditions ,and looking forward to announcing the final cast members soon.

Lastly, and our primary focus these days, is our IndieGoGo Campaign, which we launched July 26th, in order to help raise the necessary funds to film the final 6 days of Penumbra. In the first day, we raised more than 20% of our overall campaign goal, thanks to an outpouring of amazing support. We sent out a letter to our contributors thus far that really sums up our sentiment on the issue of crowd-funding:

“We hemmed and hawed over whether or not to do a crowd funding campaign to raise the $10,000 we need to finish filming the last six days of Penumbra. We knew the crowd funding market was over saturated, and we didn't want to ask more of our family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances than the favors we had already called in. But after speaking with mentors, fellow producers, and actors in the film, we realized, not only was there a possibility of receiving the very much needed financial help (we even started looking for a new filming location because the cost of the location we wanted had gone up $50/day and we didn't know where we'd find the extra cost), but by crowd funding we could also get the word out about the film, thereby reaching people we might not have otherwise reached, and starting to build a fan base for the film. For, what is a movie without an audience? “

Now, just a day shy of two weeks later, we have reached the 50% mark (celebrating with the above blooper reel from Penumbra) and we still have 32 days left in the campaign. We are thrilled! Not only is the campaign doing well, and word about Penumbra is reaching further and further, but we’ve met incredible indie film supporters during these last two weeks.

Among those supporters is Mr. Tim Davis, an award winning screenwriter, television producer, and blogcaster. Tim invited Beleeve Entertainment to be the guest on The Handsome Timmy D Express, Episode 5, available now (check our press page for the link!) (It's also available on The Chronic Rift). He is a huge advocate for Women in Film and a support of indie films. He recently penned an article “Her Name Is Mary Ann Evans: Why The World Is Ready For Female Ghostbusters,” an excellent read calling for more jobs for women in front of and behind the camera, and why audiences are ready for this shift.

We’ve said it before, Penumbra is our passion project. We’re putting everything we have into finishing this film that we so deeply ‘Beleeve’ in -- and we couldn’t do it without the support of all of you. Whether filmmakers, movie buffs, amateurs, professionals, young or old, it is because of you that a story we felt the need to tell is reaching a broader and broader audience. So Thank you.


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